Started his artistic career from exhibitions in independent art squats in St. Petersburg, 1988, the Russian artist Alexsander Nikolenco devoted it to the study of the phenomenon of communication and fundamental change of perception and consciousness, faced with the world of digital media and the Internet. The graphic and pictorial works adheres to minimalism, utilizing cubo-futurism traditions, iconography and Russian avant-garde.
Author and ideologue of the VMRM project, sensational in the early 2000s in Europe and Asia, dedicated to virtual reality, in creative quest he is back to the traditional methods, introducing the FUTURUM project to the European public in 2014-15. Each work contains a finished concept, whether it is intelligent and futuristic architectural images, or meditative works devoted to deep, spiritual perception.

The variety and uniqueness of the techniques of Alexander Nikolenko recognized by the representatives of the museum community: the director of educational programs of the Louvre Manon Potvan showed great interest in the new graphic design artist. Russian and European art market experts clearly see in the works of Alexander Nikolenko signs of a new wave of contemporary art.

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