The world is multifaceted!

Describing the richness and admiration for the world around us, we usually say “the world is multifaceted”, and the most amazing things about it happen at the edge of these facets.
Facet – is a point of balance between right and left, yesterday and tomorrow.
Just time has stopped there. Facet – is the point of critical saturation.
Facets let your imagination run wild.
You can easily get lost or start being focused on a tiny detail.
It’s like a sword-blade splitting the gloom of fog, snatching unique shapes, memories, perceptions of mundanity…
Works of Alexander Nikolenco continue the European tradition of metaphysical painting, appealing to the audience with simple forms of familiar real objects, and affecting them by their deep – hidden feelings.
The works of Alexander Nikolenco are ready for dialogue and multilevel understanding, they gradually open to the audience, demonstrating new ways of perception.
Quiet, harmonious combination of red, green and ocher in his “Still Life” series makes composition alive.
And a certain tranquility of the objects makes it an “unobtrusive companion” and a beautiful interior design.
As soon as you stop and start looking into the essence of the images – speak to them, the items turn into archetypes.
And the narration of life, time, timelessness, the world, the universe and the human begins.
The artist is the generator of this idea.
His view makes the world colorful and full of life.
We all create our universe, and the pictures of Alexander Nikolenco seem to be magical facets of a prism, showing us another perception of reality.

Aurelia Tali,
Art Critic

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